Monday, February 13, 2012

The Past 4 Months in a Flash

Now when I started this blog way back when I remember thinking to myself there were so little things I could blog about. I mean I am no fashionista, I am not an extremely crafty person, I love to cook but didn't have the time or patience to come up with a cooking blog so I settled with a posts about our dog Bentlie... I figured I would save my mega blogging days for when I became pregnant! And when that never happened I figured I would have PLENTY of time to blog when I was sitting at home raising my little baby, and boy was I wrong!

So my lack of time management spent on this blog results in Shot Gun Posts. Here goes nothing!

Stone Met Miss Bentlie (Despite what it looks like she is not licking him)

So Cuddly

First Game of Xbox at 3 days old (Dang Chase)

Snug As a Bug

First Dr. Apt 5 days

First Play Date with Abby and Grady Boy

Stone went on his first road trip

All Packed and Ready to Go!

The girls in St. George
If the kid fits... put him in it!
Pa Steve with his Grand kids

Yay 1 month old!

Squishy Little Face

Aunt Jenny came to visit

Stone was blessed

Still looks like his daddy

Happy Halloween

Stone Found a girl friend

We attempted a cousin photoshoot, This was the best we got

Stone became a model

Little Thumb Sucker
Yay 2 months Weight 11lbs 38% Height 23.5 73% Head 15.1 19%

 I've got my trusty Muscles!

Xbox Geeks

 What's Your Gamer Tag?

 So sleepy

 Oh Hello!
Stone became a foot model

We went and saw the lights, Stone saw the back of his eyelids
Meeting Santa, no tears!
Spoiled for Christmas!
Stone loved opening presents!

Yay 3 months!
Baby Jackson was born!

Stone learned how to do his own laundry

Enjoying 50 degree weather in January

Stone LOVING swinging in the blanket

Stone became a sugar addict

Snow shoeing!

Snow shoeing in a blizzard!

All dressed up

Ya... I know I'm good looking

Well hello there handsome

This is why I'm hot...

First swim!

Sneak peak on what our girls will look like

Tummy time for Stone

4 Months 14.5 lbs 42% 25.5 inches 73% Head 16.7%

Mmmm Rice Cereal!